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Ali Miller

Here's Ali at nearly three years old, performing for the first time -

and with a microphone! 

   Ali Miller began teaching music in junior high! She was her church's choir director and accompanist at the age of 12. Ali pursued a degree in Music Education after making music with many inspiring directors and conductors in high school and college. Since then, she has taught high school and college choruses, led a church gospel choir, and enjoyed 15 years as the Music Director at a non-profit performing arts school (SPACE) in Ukiah, her home town. She was the Music Teacher for grades K-8 at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School in Ukiah for 6 years, implementing the Dominican Schools Music Project which was modeled after Education Through Music in New York. After attending Music Together classes in Santa Rosa with her young son, Ali was inspired to become a Music Together teacher, bringing the program to SPACE. Now, Ali enjoys making music with all the lovely families at Santa Rosa Area Music Together and teaching private piano lessons. 

   In August 2015, Ali was awarded Certification Level I by the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, NJ, having demonstrated outstanding achievement in teaching, musicianship, program philosophy and parent education.

She has been part of our Santa Rosa team for 6 years, and enchants our families with her vibrant spirit and gorgeous voice!

What people say about Ali...

   "Ali was an amazing teacher who was so genuine and sweet with the children. We really enjoyed the songs and of course the cd's that we get to take home and listen/sing along to in the car and house:). Landon always looked forward to seeing "Miss Ali" and in his words 'she's fun.' "

~Courtney G, Santa Rosa

   "Ali's energy has been wonderful. We love her musical ability and true love of the children and the music. I also enjoy the facts she inserts periodically about how music helps children's developing brains. It's very eye opening and makes me feel good about what we are doing at music."

~Hillary L, Santa Rosa

   "Lee loves the moves and rhythm work that Ali does! And we're loving Ali's piano, and get such a kick out of watching the babies create music on it at the end of class! Thank you to you all- we love music together!!!"

~Sara V, Santa Rosa

   "Ali is fantastic! Full of energy and a sparkle in her eye (I think Hudson may have his first crush!) She is always very well prepared and I love all the props she brings. And I like that the kids can play on the piano before and after class."

~Danielle A, Santa Rosa

   "Ali is wonderful! She lets the kids be who they need to be and are that day! She is animated and fun and Lucia loves going to class!"

~Amy C, Santa Rosa

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