MT Collection Songs Done By Other Artists

Check out a few Flute Collection songs done by other artists and share this with your children. You can actually show them the videos, or just put on the music and listen, if you don't want them to watch. Enjoy!

Maybe one of your family's favorites is here in a different form!

"Tum Balalaika" Fun version of this traditional song by the Golden Gate Gypsy Orchestra on their "The Travelling Jewish Wedding" recording from 1981. It's sung in Yiddish with a quick gypsy feeling. Waltz around your living room! (recording only)
"Tum Balalaika" This is an all-instrumental piano version and is emotive and gorgeously performed by Alexander Zlatkovski, an Alaskan pianist, born in Russia. Enjoy! (recording only)
"Tum Balalaika" A gorgeous concert version by an all-women group performing in Milan in Dec. 2010. The group, Di Goldene Pave, is composed of professional musicians/singers from different European countries. They are a quintet of vocals, light percussion, violin, viola, cello, piano, and backing vocalists and they play Jewish music. 
"Hey Lolly Lolly" A fun bluegrass audio version by the band Hulabaloo. This one uses nursery rhymes for the verses. On their album Tall as a Tree ℗ 2008 Steve Denyes. Put it on and dance around the living room!
"Soleram" Gorgeous live video of fingerstyle classical guitar, being played as a sweet lullaby, by Dwi Hansen. Soleram is a folk lullaby from Riau, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Arranged for guitar by Dwi Hansen. Show your kids! This is really beautiful. 
"Soleram" an audio-only file by the Indonesian band "The Nightbreakers" on their album "Ambon Country Rock" ℗ 2009. We used this one as a playalong for week #8- Maybe you can do a playalong with it at home too!