MT Collection Songs Done By Other Artists

Just for fun, check out versions of some Triangle Collection songs as done by other artists!

Maybe one of your family's favorites is here...


"Maria Isabel" Silly Fun! Here's the band Los Payos, with their version of Maria Isabel from 1969! 
It's so funny to see the dancing style and these outdated costumes. This band was very popular in Spain in the late 60's and early 70's.
"Hey Ho, Nobody Home" Fun! Very cool, Jazzy version of this old tune, played by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Recorded in 1959.

And here are some versions of Bells Collection songs as done by other artists!

Bells Collection was the Winter 2021 collection.

Maybe a little salsa dancing in the living room? This lovely version of "De Colores" by Nana Mouskouri has a different rhythm than on our CD! The video has beautiful colorful pictures of flowers your child might enjoy.

A classic folk version of "De Colores." José-Luis Orozco is a bilingual educator, children's author, and recording artist who has dedicated his life to creating quality bilingual music, books, and videos for children.

"Lukey's Boat" is actually a Newfoundland drinkin' song! Lol! This is a fantastic version by a band called Great Big Sea. (Don't listen too closely to the words... haha!) You and your children can dance to this one in the living room- the instrumentation and energy are so fun!

A lovely rendition of "The Water is Wide" by Irish Roses: Women of Celtic Song- Artists: Rowena Taheny, Laurel MacDonald & Eleanor McCain. 

And, here's James Taylor in concert singing "The Water is Wide." The original song is about both the sweet things and the sometimes sad things about love. It has been covered by many people over the years.

A fun, high-energy live concert rendition of "Celebration Song" (aka "Vesamachta Bechagecha"). Another one for dancing around the living room!

This is just for listening- no video to see. But it's a wonderful rendition of "Alabama Gal" done by the New England Dancing Masters. They play fun folk dancing music that is often used by elementary school teachers.

A short instrumental version of "Alabama Gal," showcasing several different folk instruments. See if your child recognizes the song!

Enjoy this "Virginia Reel"-style dance to "Alabama Gal." Your kids might like to watch this group of music educators dance to this song. Maybe you can even come up with a version of this in your home!

"Obwisana (Goin' to Ghana)" sung by the Lindblom Treble Choir. It is inspiring to see and hear these beautiful young women singing this. It's lively and fun and also great for dancing to in your living room!