MT Collection Songs Done By Other Artists

Wow! I found SO many Tambourine Collection songs done by other artists! Please check out these other cool versions and share this with your children. You can actually show them the videos, or just put on the music and listen, if you don't want them to watch. Enjoy!

Maybe one of your family's favorites is here!

"Betty Martin" This old swinging jump-blues sound is SO fun to dance to! It was recorded in the early 50's by pianist Joe Liggins and his band the Honeydrippers. Seriously, put it on and dance around your living room! Enjoy!
"Inanay" Here's a sweet version of Inanay done at SOTA (School of the Arts) in Singapore in 2016. The band is Music of Joy- a unique, multicultural band based in Sydney, Australia. Treat yourself and give a listen. Choo!
"V'la l'bon vent" This is Lizzy Hoyt, a widely recognized Canadian singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, with her band. Watch her feet! Her voice is so gorgeous. A must see!
"V'la l'bon vent" A beautiful instrumental version of this song played on harp. Let your children see what harp playing looks and sounds like, with a tune they will recognize. The musician is Tamsin Dearnley.
"Scarborough Fair" is a traditional English folk song from the Middle Ages referring to an old fair in Scarborough, Yorkshire. There are many versions! This is three young artists brought together on the internet. Jadyn Rylee (Canada), Charlotte Zone (England) and Sina (Germany) have never physically met, however through the power of technology this production was developed. Here, they sing the "Canticle" along with the traditional song. Paul Simon wrote the Canticle in the 60's. 
"Scarborough Fair" I can hardly post alternative artists for this song without posting Simon and Garfunkel! This is from their concert in Central Park, NYC, in September of 1981. Such beautiful harmonies! Even though Paul Simon wrote the "Canticle," they did not perform it with the Canticle in this concert. 
"Sarasponda" This is a high school choir, recorded in 2004. Sweet version of Sarasponda with part-singing. It's Liberty High School, and I could not find out where it is! 
"One Little Owl" Music Together families and classes are shown participating in "One Little Owl." Occasionally, Music Together Worldwide asks families to video themselves singing a song, and they piece all the clips together for an "Around the World" video. So fun! It gives you a sense of how this music really is being enjoyed by families all over. Some of this might look familiar to you from how you sing this in your own homes!
"Raisins and Almonds" Enjoy this beautiful version of "Raisins and Almonds" in the original Yiddish. This is sung by well-known actor and singer Mandy Patinkin (think Inigo Montoya in Princess Bride) in his gorgeous tenor voice. Recorded in 1998 on the album Mamaloshen.
"Raisins and Almonds" How about exposing your child to a little opera singing? This rendition is a recital performance recorded at E M Pickman Concert Hall, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA on Oct 7, 2012. Olga Bykhovsky, mezzo-soprano, and William Merrill, piano. Enjoy!
"Tingalayo" Here's Raffi's sweet version of Tingalayo. It's got great steel drum playing in it! You can put it on for your children to hear, or also let them see the video, which is a singalong storybook made to go with the song.
"Old Brass Wagon" Your children might enjoy watching these first graders from Indiana dance to "Old Brass Wagon" with their teacher. The recording they're using comes from the New England Dance Masters. So cute!
"V'la l'bon vent" Here is the amazing Lizzy Hoyt again, with her gorgeous vocals, this time showing her masterful guitar playing, while singing this French Canadian folk song. 
"V'la l'bon vent" Here's a GREAT version of this song again, by the award-winning Canadian group the McDades. The group centers around three siblings, Shannon, Solon, and Jeremiah, who grew up playing Canadian folk music with their parents. Check out this wonderful version!
"Scarborough Fair" Hayley Westenra of Celtic Woman performs "Scarborough Fair." Gorgeous singing!! Celtic Woman is both a recording ensemble and performing collective, introducing some of Ireland's most talented musicians to the world. The song "Scarborough Fair" is a traditional English folk song from the Middle Ages, (14th to 18th century) referring to an old fair in Scarborough, Yorkshire. 
"Scarborough Fair" One more version! This one is all instrumental, and SO beautiful. You can let your children see these women so skillfully playing their instruments. This is Anna Comellas on cello and Rosalind Beall on guitar. They played together as Duo Rosanna from 2009-2018.
"Sarasponda" These are student Music Teachers, learning a way to do Sarasponda with rhythm sticks- So fun! This is from an Orff music training about 10 years ago.
"Duérmete Niño Bonito" sung in a gorgeous jazzy style- singing is Ginger's friend Gabriele Tranchina from New York City! Gabriele is a jazz singer and ...Music Together teacher/director! Yay! This is from an album she released in 2013. Treat yourself to some sweet relaxing jazz tones. 
"Raisins and Almonds" Another beautiful version of this sweet lullaby, sung with lovely harmonies by the Barry Sisters on their "Traditional Yiddish Songs" recording of 1957.
"Raisins and Almonds" Here's an instrumental version of this gorgeous lullaby played by the great Itzhak Perlman with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra/Dov Seltzer. Try playing it softly for your child while getting ready for bed.