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MT Collection Songs Done By Other Artists

Check out a few  Sticks Collection  songs done by other artists and share this with your children. You can actually show them the videos, or just put on the music and listen, if you don't want them to watch. Enjoy!

Maybe one of your family's favorites is here in a different form!

The Love Song of Kangding: Ginger's favorite rendition! It starts slow and very quiet, then picks up and you can even dance to it! This is from a Music Together conference in New Jersey, spring 2018. That's "Uncle Gerry" Dignan playing guitar, and the singers are all directors and teachers from Taiwan and China (who flew over for the conference). So lovely! Be sure to give it a listen and share it with your kids! 
The Love Song of Kangding: From DAGADANA's "Meridian 68" album. DAGADANA is a Polish-Ukrainian band that blends various music genres. By mixing folk, jazz and electronica they create a unique sound. Recorded in 2016. This version has a quick beat that gets jazzy- really fun! Dance to it or play your home instruments along with it!
Interesting: According to UNESCO the “Kangding Love Song” is one of the ten most popular folk songs in the world. In the 1990's it also became the first Chinese music recording sent out with a NASA probe in search of extraterrestrial civilizations. Wow!
The Love Song of Kangding: Gorgeous gentle rendition by a musician who just goes by “HeyVincent.” Guitar and voice- so nicely done! Recorded in 2011.
The Love Song of Kangding: These performers were contestants of China Central Television’s National Music Instrument TV Contest (a yearly contest showcasing traditional Chinese instruments), recorded in 2017.
Mary Wore a Red Dress: Raffi's sweet version- a slow swingy beat, telling about all the different red things Mary, a red bird, wore- all day long! Cute!
Mary Wore a Red Dress: A video of a story book (one that’s coming up in our story times soon!) This is a cute way to sing through the song with animals at a birthday party. Sung by Amanda Szuch, as she turns the pages.
The Tailor and the Mouse: A very old, really sweet version, sung by Burl Ives -Originally Released in 1949. Recorded with a catchy electric guitar riff. It tells a little more of a story... Give it a listen!
Pop! Goes the Weasel: Performed by "Sin and Swoon,” from Montreal (Michael James O’Brien and Michelle Tompkins). They play old time country music and sing harmonies. Recorded in 2018. Fun swing rhythm with accordion! 
Pop! Goes the Weasel: Performed by Jeff Victor in rock and roll style! Play instruments or dance around and feel how different the rhythm is in this one than the usual swing rhythm. Recorded in 2016. 
When the Saints Go Marching In: There are probably hundreds of versions of this song on the internet, but this one we used in our classes this winter for playalong time- SOOOO good! This is Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, a contemporary swing revival band from Southern California. Put it on and dance around or play your home instruments! Recorded in 2017.
Pop! Goes the Weasel: Performed by Caspar Babypants. A very different take on the song – a total re-write, telling a story about a pop band. Very silly and danceable. Put it on and dance around the living room!
Ridin' in the Car: It's the Music Together Band in concert, including Uncle Gerry, Grandma Yvette, and -of course- Mommy and Daddy! These people sing on your recording! This was a concert to celebrate MT's 25th anniversary- now nine years ago. Watch this video with your children and enjoy singing and dancing along to one of your favorite songs, performed live!
Ridin' in the Car: Ride along as Music Together families from across the globe participate in one of Music Together's most loved songs, "Ridin' in the Car"! Music Together used to do "Songs Around the World" videos, asking enrolled families to send video snippets of themselves singing a song. This is from 2011, and includes one of OUR SRAMT families at the time! Look for little Henry "sleeping in the car" at 2:24 in the video. In the credits, you'll see "The Parkinson Family, Santa Rosa, CA" -So fun! (Henry is now a saxophone-playing teenager!)
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