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Guitar Class will return in Fall 2022

Be a Rock Star to your child! 

Imagine the joy of watching your child dance, sing, and laugh, while you play guitar! Guitar for Grown-ups is a group class for adults to learn guitar in a fun and easy way.

This class is a special opportunity for grownups (parents, caregivers, or even teenage siblings) in families currently enrolled in our Babies, Mixed-Age or Rhythm Kids classes. It will be offered each session to go along with the song collection we're working with in the children's classes. It's for beginners and those who already know a little guitar.

Star Tom McCurry

Can't get to your child's Music Together class? This guitar class for adults gives you a new way to make music with your child at home. Build your skills in an organic, relaxed way and enjoy a night out with other parents of small children. Participants receive a workbook and bring their own guitar, capo, and tuner. If you want to learn to play the Music Together songs your child loves, this is the class for you.

It's taught by our wonderful Tom "Star Tom" McCurry, and is 60 minutes each week. Star Tom will have you playing Music Together songs in no time! 

Guitar for Grown-ups is offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

The 2022 Term 2 class will be 6 weeks long, beginning May 19.

2022 Term 2 Tuition: $96/person (only $16 per class!) or $151/couple.

Includes digital guitar book and 6 weeks of online instruction. 


A Guitar for Grownups Family "Recital" -Winter 2015

Here's what our students have said about Guitar class:

   “Star Tom is the quintessential teacher, very talented, patient, kind and funny; he is so welcoming and clearly loves to teach. My three and a half year old son loves to hear me practice and he often sings and plays along, hearing familiar music in a different context. I found myself eagerly looking forward to our Thursday night class every week... This class has opened our family’s musical horizons and I am so thankful for it!”           

~Sarah H.   

   "Guitar class was AWESOME! Star Tom is fantastic and I really enjoyed the whole session (didn’t miss a single class)."

 ~Dan F

   “This class allowed me to learn/practice beginner guitar songs and basic chords. My family and I fell in love with the songs and shared many special memories singing and playing them in our living room together. Now my children and I can experience not only Music Together songs in class, but at home after dinner and before bedtime. Since I have learned to play, it allows me to be a musical role model for my children and I can inspire, teach and enrich their lives with the magic of music.”           

~Carolynn M.

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