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Lanie Wieland


   Lanie grew up singing, dancing, playing the piano, clarinet, and oboe (and has since added ukulele to her bag of tricks). . . but above all, she loves singing and dancing! Lanie became a registered Music Together teacher in 2017, shortly after her son was born and she became especially interested in childhood musical development and cultivating joy as a life-long habit through song and movement. She has over 10 years of experience as a teaching artist in classrooms and enrichment programs around the Bay Area, teaching performing arts, storytelling and puppetry arts.

   For over a decade, Lanie has also been a children's party entertainer, performing at over 1000 parties in the Bay Area, and (of course!) leading children in song and movement at every opportunity. Also a life-long lover of theatre, Lanie has several professional puppetry, prop and costume design credits to her name with various theatre companies around the Bay Area, and always loves working with children's theatres. 

   After a brief period in southern California, she is delighted to be back up north, where she is happy her son, Liam, can get a feel for the country life near Petaluma. 

   Lanie has been with our center for two years, and teaches our Rhythm Kids classes, as well as Mixed Age.

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Who is that beautiful fairy on the beach? It's Lanie!

What people say about Lanie...

“Lanie is a great addition to the Music Together family. She clearly loves children and music; bringing so much joy to class. We enjoyed Lanie's class and would take a class from her again.”

“I thought Lanie was great! She’s such a sweetie and made class fun. I would definitely take her class again.”

“My family really enjoyed the class and Lanie. She is very friendly and enthusiastic.”

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