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Preparing to Enjoy an Online Music Together Class

If you have never experienced a Music Together class online, here are some things to know to get the most out of it!

Parent involvement in music-making is

extremely important so the little ones can learn.

Please know that YOU participating with the teacher

musically is more important than your child doing that!

This is true both in in-person classes and

online Zoom classes.

So, follow the teacher's lead, and bring yourself to all of it - In-Person or Zoom classes - ready to sing, dance and play with music! 


For the best at-home class experience, designate a special music class space where you and your child have room to sing and move.

See the "Things You'll Need..." list below for ideas of what to "bring" to class. You don't have to have "real" musical instruments at home- there are many household items that can be substituted! For

easy access, keep your music class goodies in a basket, bin, or box near you during class.

Have fun

creating a music space in your home!

   Things You'll Need For Music Class At Home...   


1. Something to SHAKE

- small container with rice, sprinkles, lentils, or anything easy to hold that makes a good shaky sound.

2. Something to TAP

- oatmeal container, large coffee can, big plastic storage container, cardboard box, drum

3. Something to STRIKE TOGETHER

- wooden spoons, metal spoons, small/safe sticks

4. Something to SWOOSH

- scarf, pillow case, towel, handkerchief, piece of fabric

5. Something to SNUGGLE

- teddy bear, stuffed animal, lovey

6. SomeONE to SING

- YOU! with your primary instrument, your singing voice!

Online Class Tips:

Cast/mirror class to a larger screen:

  • It is much easier to engage with the teacher and others in class if one isn't squinting to see things on a small screen (!)

  • Also, a larger screen is typically more out of reach of little hands who want to push buttons!


When you sign on to Zoom, please rename yourself to (only) your children's names: 

  • In Windows, mouse over your image, click on the three dots, and change the names.

  • On an Apple device, go to Participants, click on your name, and change there.  

Your teacher will tell you at the start of class what to have ready for the class that day.

In this home/class hybrid environment, there are a few good ground rules:

  • Everyone should be dressed - nothing fancy, just dressed.

  • Please keep eating to a different area so everyone can focus on music.

  • Just like any class, caregivers must be in the room making music!

This video was made at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when we began doing Music Together Online. It has some suggestions and thoughts about the adult role in a Music Together online class.

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