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Backyard Boogie!
(formerly "Sidewalk Singalongs")
This FALL, let us bring the music to YOUR house!
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What's a Backyard Boogie?

It's a little Social Distance-SING! 

It's a jam session in your yard or from your porch, while maintaining social distancing guidelines!

Choose your 4 favorite Music Together   songs, we’ll show up near your front porch, back yard, or curbside and JAM for 15-20 the Music Together style you know and love! If you don't know any Music Together songs or can't narrow down a favorite, don't worry, we have plenty of songs in our back pockets that will get your toes tapping and your family jamming! 


Some things to note: 

  • While social distancing guidelines are in effect, there is zero contact between our teacher and your family. 

  • We don't come inside your home. We can make music on your porch, yard, walkway, driveway, etc, maintaining well over a 6-ft distance. It's safer than going to the store! (Apartment dwellers...we can figure something out!)

  • We don't bring instruments or props to share, only for our own use. But please bring out your favorites from inside your house! Something to shake & something to click are good to start.

  • As much as we'd like to, we don't hug or even touch your babies, & we won't shake your hand at this time.

  • If your child comes toward us during the jam session...not to worry! We will stand up and back up, giving you time and space to scoop 'em up. However, we have found that they're more in awe that we're there than curious about our guitar!

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"We had so much fun at our backyard singalong! Like many parents with the advent of COVID-19 and the shutdown orders, we were looking to find educational activities for our 2 year old that could be done in the home.

Ginger's virtual music together classes and backyard singalongs have been an amazing feature in our new at-home routine. The classes are fun and engaging for the whole family and our little one has continued to grow musically without skipping a beat! The only problem we have is she wants to do them constantly...'I want to see Ginger!' "

~Amanda C.

"We tried one singalong with Star Tom, and it was so great we booked a whole series. I have two boys, 1.5 and 3. We were so happy for this in-person option! When we did regular in-person Music Together class, the boys were singing and making music around the house. Then when the pandemic shelter-in-place began we did not do the virtual classes, and we noticed they were less musically expressive. Now that we have had Star Tom coming to our own yard, we notice they are singing a lot more again! My 1.5-year-old gets so excited when we say Star Tom is coming, he repeats it over and over- 'Star Tom! Star Tom!' "

~Karen G.

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"We have been absolutely enjoying our backyard sing alongs with Ginger. We joined the Music Together family in 2018 when my son Elijah was 18 months old and have been making music with Ginger every week since. Through the shelter in place we have kept active in our zoom online classes but when the option arose to have Ginger come to our backyard and sing with us in person (socially distanced of course) we knew we didn’t want to miss it! We immediately signed up for 4 visits. It has been wonderful because each week we’ve gotten to revisit some of our favorite songs from every collection we have participated in. The kids are always excited to choose their weekly songs, and even more so when Ginger arrives to sing them. We are grateful to have this little piece of normalcy in our routine and all in the comfort of our own yard. If you have been curious about the sidewalk singalongs, I highly recommend you sign up and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed."

~Tera and Elijah L.


  • Choose a day and 3-hour time frame (yup...just like the cable company). Once we have locations of all the families within that time frame, we can work together to get to each person's home with the smartest driving pattern. 

  • Register 1 child and write the following in the comments section: 

    • Name of any siblings

    • Your child's 4 favorite Music Together songs (don't worry if you don't include them, we have an ongoing list at the ready!)

  • Multiple family options include more songs and go a bit longer; we'll work the details out with you once you register.

  • We'll be in touch at least a day before your Backyard Boogie Session to narrow down your time and get your song choices! 

See the full schedule using the link below. 


Star Tom may be able to add a different time outside of those listed, although his dates are fixed. If interested in a different time, please contact him directly at:

707-596-2818 or 

Pricing and Options:

1. Single Family: One-time visit  $30

  • Simply choose a time frame when you register. See instructions.

2. Single Family: 4-visit pack  $100

  • At checkout, write 3 additional dates in the comments - preferably the same day/time, if possible. We'll get back to you to confirm the four-date schedule.

3. Multiple Families: One-time visit $25/family

  • Up to 3 families for $25 per family (Note: we'll bill you for the remaining balance for the additional families after you schedule your day/time frame) You coordinate the families, keeping each family at least 6 feet away from the others. We recommend sitting on picnic blankets to create a visual barrier for the children. One family signs up for the time slot and lets us know the other families' names, and the others will pay later via PayPal.

4. Multiple Families: 4-visit pack $80/family

  • Same as number 3, above, but the price per family is $20 each visit. At checkout, write 3 additional dates in the comments - preferably the same day/time, if possible. We'll get back to you to confirm the four-date schedule. The other families will be billed at $80/family.

​Questions? Please contact us.

Let's make music


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Little girl playing drum and singing at

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