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Tom McCurry

   Tom “Star Tom” McCurry graduated from the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies at SSU with a minor in Applied Arts. Tom has been both playing guitar and working in classrooms for over 30 years. Star Tom works as a musician and teacher full-time, giving music instruction in many private preschools as well as with Music Together. Star Tom performs for various local churches twice a week, performs for private events and parties locally, and has a successful CD of all original material. He also teaches private guitar lessons, and is the teacher for our Guitar for Grownups class. He has two sons, Willy and Sam, and lives with his wife in Santa Rosa. Tom has been with our Music Together center for over 13 years. He is an avid metaphysician and enjoys hiking, reading, cooking and gabbing with friends. 


   To find Star Tom online, go to: Star Tom Music. To listen to samples from Tom's beautiful CD, "New Hope," click HERE.

What people say about Star Tom...

   "Arthur has been cracking us up with Star Tom impressions: he has his own little guitar so he asks us to sit in a circle and leads us in Music Together songs, inserting all of Star Tom's encouragements and strumming away!

~Mae Rose B, Santa Rosa

   "Dear Star Tom,  Thank you so much for another fun summer of Music Together. All 3 generations of girls love coming to your classes, they are so inspirational and fun."

   "Star Tom is friendly, personable and so natural with the kids. He also makes the adults feel comfortable enough to act silly."

~Monica S, Healdsburg

   "Our entire day from wake up to lullaby is made up of a collection of music together songs! We love it and we love the poetic and playful Star Tom!"

~Maitreyi S, Santa Rosa

   “Star Tom is the quintessential teacher, very talented, patient, kind and funny; he is so welcoming and clearly loves to teach. My three and a half year old son loves to hear me practice and he often sings and plays along, hearing familiar music in a different context. I found myself eagerly looking forward to our Thursday night class every week... This class has opened our family’s musical horizons and I am so thankful for it!”           

~Sarah H. (Guitar for Grown-ups class) 

~Christine C, Healdsburg

   "We both really like Star Tom. He is very organized, in tune, patient, and just fun to be around."

~Nicki T, Healdsburg

   "We love Star Tom!"

~Lissa G, Santa Rosa

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