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Bringing a visitor to your class

Visitors, Extra Family members:

Unlike earlier in the pandemic, we are now allowing visitors to be in Outdoor classes on your blanket with you. Adults involved in your child’s life (visiting without an unenrolled child) are always welcome any time.

Can I bring in a sibling who is not enrolled for a class visit?             

Please check with us (e-mail or 707-544-5747 -call or text) if you want to bring a non-enrolled sibling over 8 months into a class, as it's not always possible. Our policy allows one free class per visiting sibling per session. After that, there is a $15 fee per class, as space permits, payable online or in cash to the teacher. This is for siblings from 8 months to 6 years of age (siblings under 8 months are always free). The fees collected from this go to help needy families attend MT class. 

Please inquire as to whether there is space for your unenrolled sibling guest at least the day before you hope for them to visit. Permission often cannot be given the morning of the day you want them to come. (We usually wouldn't even get a message from you that quickly).

Can I bring a visitor with a child, or visiting child without their parents, to my class?

With advance permission (by e-mail) it is possible to bring out-of-town guests with children or visiting children without their parents, who are not siblings (age 8 mo. to 7 yrs) A visiting family or child, who will be on your blanket with you, will be welcome. Bringing a prospective family who wishes to "demo" the program is possible too, also with one-week's prior notice.

  • NOTE: Every adult in attendance (or parent sending their unenrolled child guest with you) must read and agree to the policies and procedures before coming to a class, so please give us one week’s notice and also the contact info of any adult (or parent of a visiting child) you wish to bring. This will allow time to get them the documents and have them respond with their agreement. There will be a $15 charge for visiting children not enrolled.

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