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Learning, Sharing, Growing, and Making Music in Sonoma County, California

We're passionate about developing strong minds, strengthening family bonds, building community,
inspiring creativity, and nurturing self-expression through the power of making music together.

  We offer fun, welcoming music classes for infants to second graders and their families. 


We opened OUR OWN STUDIO in Santa Rosa in the summer! A dream of twenty years came true! We started offering classes there in July, and it is a wonderful space. Everyone loves it!

Click here for map and other location info.

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1515 Farmers Lane Plaza

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to THIS!

went from THIS

What's New?

February 16, 2024

Up next: Spring Session 2024!

Our Spring Session 2024 will be 10 weeks long, and will begin the week of April 1. First, enrollment is open to our current winter families from Feb. 17-24. On Sunday, February 25 at 8:00 AM, registration will open to everyone! We hope you can join us for a winter of fun and music  with the Triangle Song Collection!

Spring Schedule Here

Register (Santa Rosa)

Healdsburg Registration


December 21, 2023

A New Sign for a New Year!

New Sign!.jpg

Look what we have now at the Santa Rosa Studio! After months of waiting for city permits, our beautiful new sign has been installed! We love how it turned out- it looks great lit up at night too! We are SO proud of this space- hope you can come sing with us there.

August 12, 2023

Big news! Our new teacher!

We're delighted to welcome another new teacher to our center! Julianne Bradbury plays ukulele and guitar, and has a beautiful voice and engaging, playful style!

In addition to her musical background, Julianne has a long history in local theater and also teaching environmental and science programs to kids in Sonoma County. ​

She will be teaching the newly added classes: Monday mornings and Wednesday late afternoons in Santa Rosa, and Thursday mornings in Healdsburg!

Learn more about Julianne here.

Or see Our Teachers to read about each of us.

August 1, 2023

Our Gorgeous NEW Space in Santa Rosa!

Classes began this summer at our wonderful new studio space in Santa Rosa. Come by and check it out at 1515 Farmers Lane Plaza! We are loving this perfect space- created just for Music Together classes.

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Untitled design (35).png
Untitled design (35).png
Quote Mark

We have been so happy with and moved by the class(es). It's been a unifying source in our home, and I mean it, and I am grateful.

Quote Mark
~Zachary  A, Santa Rosa Daddy
Quote Mark

"I wanted to thank you for your warmth and sharing your gifts with families like ours. I am so grateful we found you and Music Together and can't wait to join again in the Winter with both my kids. Thank you for all the love and care you pour into these programs. The Monday night Zoom storytimes have been so stabilizing for our family over these past couple months. We already can't wait for Bells Collection!"

Quote Mark
~ Alexis A, Santa Rosa Mama

A Parent's Personal Experience...

Quote Mark

I am quite sure that it was Music Together that brought me out of my shell (as far as singing, anyway). I really NEVER used to sing in front of people, not even my husband.

But we do anything for our kids right? So I remember feeling a bit awkward and shy in classes at first. Now, I sing throughout the day at home, sing with hubby, and even to myself or to the kids at the grocery store! It’s very liberating not only to have found the confidence to sing out when I feel like it, but also wonderful to have sweet little melodies right there stuck in my head ready to pop out into the world.

It’s usually so much about the kids and their learning and progress, but I’ve personally made a ton of progress in my own way. Just wanting to acknowledge it. 

Quote Mark
~ Nicole M, Rohnert Park Mama
Quote Mark

The Music Together curriculum is one of the best-structured and most effective early childhood music educations out there. 

Without knowing how, parents and children absorb fundamental concepts of musical structure while gaining a common repertory to make music with each other in the home. We learn by watching and doing, playing and exploring.

I recommend any parent of a young child get involved.

Quote Mark
~Dr. Ian Howell

Music Together Parent and

Voice and Vocal Pedagogy Faculty,

New England Conservatory, Boston

Zoe -yes. June 22- #2.jpeg

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

~Fred Rogers

. . . and this precious toddler is doing some serious musical concentration- while playing!

That's how we teach in our classes. Adults create the musical play, and the children soak it up in their own way. This is from one of our Santa Rosa Outdoor classes, summer 2022. 

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