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We're passionate about developing strong minds, strengthening family bonds, building community,

inspiring creativity, and nurturing self-expression through the power of making music together.

  We offer fun, welcoming music classes for infants to second graders and their families. 

What's New?

A Santa Rosa family enjoys Music Together Online with a song led by our Director, Ginger, and her son. This program has been great for families to connect musically, and keep their children's musical development supported while under SIP rules. It's not too late to join us!

May 1, 2020

What? . . . Music Together Online


What have we been doing while sheltered-in-place? Creating a whole new experience to bring music to share with your little ones, right into your home!

We're big on community-oriented, in-person, music participation, but, as long as we're stuck inside, let us share with you ways to joyfully bring music to your little ones.

Music Together Online is a package of online music experiences and resources that creates a comprehensive music learning program with the same high quality you're used to with the Music Together program. I know- it sounds strange! 

Go to our information page to learn what this is about. We hope you'll consider joining us this spring. It's not too late, as all the classes since the start are always available for you to "attend" whenever you want.

Stay safe and healthy and keep singing and dancing! It's fun, uplifting, creates connection with others, and boosts your immune system!

We've found a way to bring meaningful music-making experiences into your home, while we're sheltered in place! Music Together Online.

We hope you're staying well and finding ways to relax and have some fun connecting with your children during this stressful time. Sometimes the work becomes too much, and we're hoping that our online video classes will give your family a jump-start to get back to fun times, making music and connections. Just like with our classes, this is not entertainment for your child, but education, based on whole-family music-making. And SO much fun!

Top 10 reasons to join

Music Together Online...

10. You'll never be late!


9. Food is allowed in the classroom


8. Pets are allowed in the classroom


7. You won't miss a second of class due to potty-training


6. You can attend class while your child is napping, and no one

   will judge you - singing makes us happy!


5. You can mouth the words and make your child think YOU'RE doing the     singing!


4. Cell phones and photography are allowed in the classroom


3. Pajama day every day! (does anyone get dressed anymore?)


2. You never have to get your child in a car seat, drive, and park


1. The whole family can attend class, even family members who

   usually can't attend!

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    Music connects and inspires us, deeply touching our souls. All children are born with the basic human instinct to make music. We can help our little ones realize their music potential in delightful ways -no time is too early to start!

    An intrinsic and universal language, music extends beyond borders and cultures to the heart of each of us. It's impossible to imagine a world without music.

    We've been bringing the award-winning, research-based Music Together   curriculum to Sonoma County for nineteen years, with locations in Santa Rosa, Windsor, and Healdsburg. Thanks for visiting. We look forward to singing with you!



Watch a clip of a Mixed Age Family Class in Santa Rosa.

(Video by JOHN BURGESS/Press Democrat, 9/26/15)

Visit our Facebook page and join our online community!

Give the gift of Music Together any time...

    A full class, or a partial amount toward tuition, makes a great gift any time of the year, not just for the holidays. It's wonderful for a baby shower, a child's birthday, or to help parents starting out with a new baby...

    Science shows us that giving experiences instead of toys boosts children's intelligence and happiness. In fact, a recent study showed that too many toys can actually make children less happy. Read about it here.

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