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Learning, Sharing, Growing, and Making Music in Sonoma County, California

We're passionate about developing strong minds, strengthening family bonds, building community,
inspiring creativity, and nurturing self-expression through the power of making music together.

  We offer fun, welcoming music classes for infants to second graders and their families. 


We're opening OUR OWN STUDIO in Santa Rosa this summer! A dream of twenty years is coming true! The lease has been signed!

After many years of searching, we have finally found a HOME in a great little shopping center.

We are OVER the MOON and look forward to bringing you beautiful music classes in our own sweet space!

Farmers Lane Plaza here we come! Click here for map and other location info.

We will begin offering classes there starting July 10! Yippee!

Check out these “before” pictures!

I’ll post on our social media pages as I make progress getting the studio ready!

What's New?

May 22, 2023

Summer Registration is NOW OPEN!

For Santa Rosa, we are super excited to be able to offer classes at our ALL NEW dedicated studio starting this summer. We have a lot to do to get the studio ready before then, but we expect it to be wonderful!

The Healdsburg classes will be offered at the Healdsburg Community Center's Community Meeting Room this summer.

Classes are filling quickly, but there is still plenty of space to join us. We hope to see you this summer! 

May 20, 2023

We're Hiring!

PART-TIME MUSIC TEACHERS WANTED for Music Together in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg! Have you ever thought you'd like to add "Music Together Teacher" to your resume? Teacher training groups are forming NOW for teaching positions which will apprentice over the summer, and begin this fall.
Would you like to . . .

  • transform lives and enhance the education of children through the power of music?

  • have a job that brings you joy?

  • help parents and caregivers learn ways to support their young children’s musical development?

Join us to teach Music Together! If you love to sing and you’re musically inclined, we want you! Become part of a teaching/learning community on the cutting edge of early childhood music education. Learn to see music and children in a new way and become an exceptional teacher who brings joy to families and develops
rich relationships with like-minded colleagues, all while getting paid.

For the full Job Announcement with more info, job qualifications, requirements, and how to apply, please click the link!

Zoe -yes. June 22- #2.jpeg

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”


~Fred Rogers

. . . and this precious toddler is doing some serious musical concentration- while playing! That's how we teach in our classes. Adults create the musical play, and the children soak it up in their own way. This is from one of our Santa Rosa Outdoor classes, summer 2022. 

A Parent's Personal Experience...

Quote Mark

I am quite sure that it was Music Together that brought me out of my shell (as far as singing, anyway). I really NEVER used to sing in front of people, not even my husband.

But we do anything for our kids right? So I remember feeling a bit awkward and shy in classes at first. Now, I sing throughout the day at home, sing with hubby, and even to myself or to the kids at the grocery store! It’s very liberating not only to have found the confidence to sing out when I feel like it, but also wonderful to have sweet little melodies right there stuck in my head ready to pop out into the world.

It’s usually so much about the kids and their learning and progress, but I’ve personally made a ton of progress in my own way. Just wanting to acknowledge it. 

Quote Mark
~ Nicole M, Santa Rosa Mama
Quote Mark

A. was in a happy mood for hours after class - singing and dancing and laughing in the afterglow. Finally I've found the right place to foster her love of music without being turned off by adult expectations. I've tried a number of other kid's group programs that were not a good fit.

Quote Mark
~ B. McCoy, Rohnert Park 
Quote Mark

The Music Together curriculum is one of the best-structured and most effective early childhood music educations out there. 

Without knowing how, parents and children absorb fundamental concepts of musical structure while gaining a common repertory to make music with each other in the home. We learn by watching and doing, playing and exploring.

I recommend any parent of a young child get involved.

Quote Mark
~Dr. Ian Howell

Music Together Parent and

Voice and Vocal Pedagogy Faculty,

New England Conservatory, Boston

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