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Check out this award-winning recording of lullabies

by our Director, Ginger Parish...


  • Winner of a 2013 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine!


  • 13th Annual Independent Music Award Winner of Popular Vote for Best Children's Album and Nominee for Best Children's Song for "Close Your Eyes!" (August 2014)

Twilight Comes Tiptoeing,
A Collection of Lullabies

Note: the lullaby CD is not a Music Together recording. 

Acoustic Folk, with 
Great Supporting Musicians...


   Angelic slumber. There are few things sweeter than a young child sleeping peacefully. I offer this recording of lullabies to parents and grandparents to help them connect with their little ones through music. 
   When my son was young, I sang to him all the time. It just feels natural to sing to babies to soothe them or guide them to slumber. From the time he was only a few months old, I began making up lullabies, most to the rhythm of our rocking chair, as I savored the sweetness of quiet moments with him. Some of the songs I made up for him were one-timers, just drifting out and away as we rocked. But some of the songs I made up returned to me again and again, insisting to become the kinds of songs you can learn and teach. I selected my seven favorite of these for this CD. Altogether there are 9 songs (the other two are traditionals). This album was released in December 2012. 
   Please explore these pages to learn more about Twilight Comes Tiptoeing. I hope that you'll find something in this music that will speak to your heart, and to your children's hearts too.

LISTEN to song clips...

1. Twilight Comes Tiptoeing-

1. Twilight Comes Tiptoeing - Ginger Parish

2. Rocking on the Sea -------

2. Rocking on the Sea - Ginger Parish

3. Roll Away ------------------

3. Roll Away - Ginger Parish

4. Nani ------------------------

4. Nani - Ginger Parish

5. Close Your Eyes -----------

5. Close Your Eyes - Ginger Parish

6. Si Hei Lwli -----------------

6. Si Hei Lwli - Ginger Parish

7. Star of the County Down -

7. Star of the County Down - Ginger Parish
8. Sweet, Sweet Wind - Ginger Parish

8. Sweet, Sweet Wind -------

9. Firefly ----------------------

9. Firefly - Ginger Parish

Click the CD cover to read a PDF of an editorial article published in Baby/Maternity Retailer Magazine, October 2013

   "This lovely addition to the lullaby shelf is balm for all ages (adults, too). Singer/songwriter and early education music teacher Ginger Parish has crafted each song with a fine musician's skill and a gentle lyrical touch. . .”        

                                                      ~ Parents’ Choice Foundation

   “Your son’s voice is just so precious!! … I am so impressed with the diversity of songs and instruments played on the CD. I have given a couple of the CDs out as Christmas presents to people with small children, emphasizing it is beautiful music adults will enjoy as well.”               

                                                        ~ Erica C, Santa Rosa, CA

   “Thank you! It's beautiful. We can't stop listening to it! Wow!!!”                   

                                                        ~ Jenny K, Santa Rosa, CA

   "My kids and I love this cd! They ask to listen to it in the car, in fact we had a month where it was just about all they wanted to hear. Now they like to sing some of the songs to me at night! A treasure for sure. Ginger's lyrics are lovely, melodies dreamy and music pleasurable. You won't regret buying it, in fact I'm giving them as gifts now."

                                                        ~ Anne L., Cotati, CA

   "I love this CD. The songs are full of heart, calming & fun to sing! Singing "Close Your Eyes" to my 1 yr old energetic daughter seems to always result in heavy eyelids... it's like magic! And a valuable tool for car rides & road trips. The artist wrote many of the songs for her own baby-child and the love, sweetness & caring is just right there. If you love to sing, these are some creative, simple tunes to add to your family's repertoire. Sweet dreamzzzz

                                                        ~ Jen B, Sebastopol, CA

   “Wow, that’s beautiful. Where’s it coming from?” our five year-old son asked the first time we played this album. Well, yes, the speakers. But the gorgeous songs on this cd, and the pictures and story on its case give a much better answer. These songs come from love. Love for our children, love for the Earth and our time here on it, love for music – so deep that we pass it from generation to generation. My kids are enchanted by the child who inspired these songs, pictured as an infant, a boy about their age, and as the twelve year-old whose still-high voice invites with beautiful and unequaled authority, 'Close your eyes. It’s time to go to sleep.'  "

                                                         ~ Larry K, Oakland, CA

   "As a mother to an Autistic child with sensory issues, I found Ginger's music works miracles for my son. When the world overwhelms him he finds such comfort in Ginger's music, It is such a blessing! I brought this CD to Yoga class and the women LOVED IT. We are all children at heart and this music nurtures mine. Thank you Ginger!"

                                                          ~ Cheri D, Boardman, OH

   “Ginger’s resonant voice has an emotional quality that reaches deep...This album’s songs are easily remembered...and provide that special experience to build a heartfelt connection with your child.”

​                                                ~ Annie Keeling, Grass Valley, CA 

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