Tuition, Fees, and Sibling Discount

Santa Rosa and Windsor Tuition:

Spring 2020 (10 weeks):

First child tuition: $ 180.00 (for 10 weeks)

Sibling tuition:      $ 124.00*

Registration fee:  $   15.00 (1st-time only)

Summer 2020 (7 weeks):

First child tuition: $ 130.00 
Sibling tuition:      $ 
Registration fee:  $   15.00 (1st-time families only)

Summer 2019 (6 weeks):

First child tuition: $ 115.00 
Sibling tuition:      $ 
Registration fee:  $   15.00 (1st-time families only)

Summer 2019 Flex Class Packs:

(purchase 4, 5 or 6 classes, and create your own schedule from available spots)

4-class pack:                $  96.00 
4-class pack sibling:     $  52.00

5-class pack:                $ 112.00 

5-class pack sibling:     $   65.00

6-class pack:               $ 127.00 

6-class pack sibling:    $   78.00

Note: Flex Class Packs are the same price whether you are a new or returning family.

*Siblings age birth - eight months free; Please note: if you register online and have a second child under 8 months, don't register the baby "officially", or you'll be charged the sibling fee. Instead, please tell us the baby's name and birthdate in the "comments" box.

Healdsburg Tuition:

Tuition for classes administered by the City of Healdsburg is paid in two parts: 

You pay the City of Healdsburg a partial amount when you first sign up, then the remainder will be due, and paid to the instructor, the first day of class.

When you pay your two parts, the Healdsburg tuition is the exact same as Santa Rosa and Windsor classes.

For how to register in Healdsburg, and Healdsburg tuition information,

Please click here.

Guitar for Grown-ups Class Tuition:

(offered each session in Fall, Winter, and Spring) This spring, it will be 7 weeks long.

$112 per person or $175 per couple

Online registration is available. Open to currently enrolled families. 

More info on Guitar for Grown-ups.

Tuition when siblings are in different class types:

Sibling Tuition if one child in Babies Only and one in Mixed Age: $60. (10-wk session)

(Babies Only is for under 8 mos.)

Sibling Tuition if one child in Rhythm Kids and one in Mixed Age: $165 (10-wk session)  

(Rhythm Kids is for 4-8 yr-olds.)

   Tuition includes 1 CD, a gorgeously illustrated songbook, a unique download code to access your music digitally, the Music Together online "Family Music Zone" (songs plus activities, videos, and info), and access to your digital music in the "Hello Everybody" Music Together app.

First-time families also receive a copy of "Music and Your Child, A Guide for Parents and Caregivers," an informative parent education guidebook based on extensive and detailed research.

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