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Family News and Fun Stuff

Thanks for being a part of our community!


This page has some stuff enrolled families might enjoy, and a little program info.

To access more using your account, please see the Family Portal.

​Other stuff to know:​

  • Did you know? On the Music Together app: There's a page called "Let's Play" where you can download Parent information guides, the sheet music for all the songs, and a digital copy of the songbook for each song collection.​

  • Do you play piano, guitar, or another instrument? Musical notation books are available in all locations! Ask your teacher if you want the full musical notation for the current song collection in booklet form, rather than only on the digital file you already have with your download code.

Singalong Storybooks!

How to get them and share them with your child...

   Have you seen these beautiful Singalong Storybooks? I wish they had these when my son was small! With these books you can share some of your child's favorite songs in a different and very meaningful way. You can order them online!

Click on the books below to go to the Music Together online store.

Music Together's wonderful CEO,

Susan Darrow, has some tips on how to use these books musically with your child.

Want to download your song collection?

Your download code is inside the front cover of your songbook.

Make an account in ONE of the two places below. Your account info will then be used for BOTH of these places. Once you enter your code to download your music, it will appear in both places:

1. Family Music Zone!

Your enrollment gives you access to the Family Music Zone™. Download this session's songs, view a digital copy of your songbook, download a PDF of the music notation for all the songs, get new activities to try at home, see some cool videos, and learn more about your child’s music development.

2. The Music Together App

Click the link above to learn more, and to get the Music Together app from Apple or GooglePlay. 

For your Family's Delight: watch THIS!

The "Love Song of Kangding" from Sticks Collection, sung at the Music Together Annual Conference, May 2018, by MT teachers and directors from China and Taiwan! Playing guitar is our own "Uncle Gerry" Dignan, who sings on all the Music Together recordings. Enjoy!

Share with your children! 

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