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Our Song Collections

With twelve song collections rotated over three years, you and your child can build a large, varied repertoire of songs in different tonalities and meters, and from different cultural origins.

   Our Music Together   collections are not sequential, so a family can begin classes at any time with any collection. Enrolled families take home a beautifully illustrated songbook, a CD, and a unique download code to access the music (plus bonus activities) digitally each session. 


   The music is pitched in just the right range for children’s voices and includes songs, rhythmic chants, tonal and rhythm patterns, and instrumental play-alongs, all in a rich variety of tonalities and meters. Original songs and arrangements by the program coauthors make these collections especially unique.

   Each of the twelve Music Together Song Collections also includes traditional American folk songs and chants, and music from many other cultures, always including at least one song per collection in a language other than English. Outstanding instrumentalists play a variety of instruments, such as guitar, bass, flute, violin, keyboards, and percussion. All of the songs are suitable for mixed-age groups; perfect for families with children of different ages.

   Music Together’s song collections are research-based and artistically conceived and produced. They are also classroom- and family-tested. Since 1987, the feedback of hundreds of teachers and thousands of families has been incorporated into these constantly evolving materials.

   Music Together songs are very thoughtfully chosen. Music Together is first and foremost a music education program, and this drives all of our decisions in song selection. Songs are chosen for the Music Together curriculum based primarily on two factors: (1) the song's educational value for the young child's musical growth, and (2) the song's effectiveness for family music-making. We are also committed to producing ethical and respectful representations of songs. Read here about our Song Advisory Board, and the work that is done to ensure the highest quality of music for your child.

   The music that we teach young children matters. Children develop deep, sometimes lifelong attachments to the songs they learn early in their lives. Thus, the responsibility of including or omitting songs in our curriculum is something that Music Together takes seriously. 

SUMMER 2024:

Harmonica Collection 

harmonica fsb cover web.jpg
harmonica fsb cover web.jpg

This summer 2024, we're using the Harmonica Song Collection, with a wonderful assortment of Music Together favorites to delight your child, and keep your family singing!

You and your baby, toddler, or pre-schooler will hide then pop out with "Jack-in-the-Box," blast off with "Rocketship," make farm animal sounds along with the traditional Argentinian folk song, "Vengan a Ver," and take time for a snuggle as you sing along to the soft and soothing lullaby, "Raisins and Almonds."

In addition to your weekly classes, your tuition includes recordings and materials for you to use at home, a family newsletter with more at-home music-making ideas, and online access to the songs through the Music Together app.

When you share a Music Together songbook with your child, pointing to pictures and singing the songs, you can create a musical, emotionally-connecting, visually-stimulating, experience filled with love and positivity!

Here, an adult hand holds the Music Together songbook, while that beloved grown-up sings to the baby... look at the baby's hands move with excitement!

Untitled design (33).png

Our family songbook series brings each song to life through colorful, engaging illustrations by

award-winning artist 

Jaime Kim and children's

book illustrator Gerald Kelley

Untitled design.png

You'll find the songbook helpful to learn the lyrics, as a jumping-off point for creative storytelling, and to learn more about the songs you're singing in class. Your child may enjoy snuggling with you and singing through the whole book at once - or opening to a page to tell you what song they want to sing!

Music Together provides music that inspires the whole family to

listen and play along, both at home and on the go.

The award-winning music is truly loved by children and grownups alike. 

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