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Your little one was born ready to make music! 

Because the early months are so important,

Music Together offers two options for infants:

1.) Babies under 8 months may take the sweet “Babies Only” class. In this special class for parents with new babies, you'll learn lots of fun, interactive music activities that will support your child's growth in many areas, including their physical, socio-emotional, language, and early brain development. The music activities and materials are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in babies. Meet other parents of newborns and learn some fascinating music activities you can recreate at home with your baby.

   Your teacher, Ginger, will also share ideas for how music can help you get through your day. And you'll join a community of other parents who are just as sleep-deprived as you!

    Babies Only is for babies 7 months and under at the start of the class session. This class can only be repeated if the baby is still young enough the following session.


2.) Babies of any age, from birth, may attend a Mixed Age Family Class, whether registered on their own or attending with an older brother or sister. (Infants siblings under 8 months are free with an enrolled sibling.)

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Thoughts about Babies Only Class:

   "I'm so glad that we decided to take the music together class for babies. It has expanded my my ability to play with my son in a musical way, and he obviously loves it too. Ginger is a caring and knowledgeable teacher and has a beautiful voice, and we have really enjoyed this special class, and look forward to continuing in Music Together!"

~Genevieve T, Windsor

   "We have really enjoyed your class this winter session. I am so pleased with everything I have learned about music with children. I sing to Max at home and everywhere we go. We listen to the CD in the car and at home at least once a day. We incorporate what we learn in class to our music time at home. Max, at 7 mos, is beginning to move to the beat of the music by bouncing when he sits and moving his hands and kicking his feet. It's so fun and rewarding to watch him. He recognizes many of the songs when we play them, especially the Hello song. Thank you for inspiring us to sing, dance, and to enjoy what music has to offer.”

~ Marci, Santa Rosa

   "Ginger's Music Together for Babies was the highlight of the early and blurry days of early twindom. Who would have thought that the class would save my sanity and most surprising touch my boy/girl twins at such an early age? They grew up in class, from pensive listeners, to musically babbling babies that would light up at just a hint of one of the songs from class. By the end of the semester they were crawling, playing instruments, and laughing like there was no tomorrow. Plus all of Ginger's wonderful tips about music as a means for communicating with your infant were invaluable. The roots of music were planted and will now live on forever. Thanks Ginger"

~Christina J, St. Helena

   "We LOVE the music classes.  I am thrilled that my son is in the babies only group!  You are outstanding and make the class most wonderful :) "

~Jessica P, Santa Rosa

   "Thank you for a wonderful semester. Going to music class with Lucy has been so special. I have loved watching her light up when she hears music and when we go to class. I will cherish this class as a highlight in my time with Lucy as a baby and  I can't thank you enough. I look forward to many more years .... "

~Liz H, Healdsburg

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