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Eben Miller


    We are excited to welcome Eben Miller to our Music Together   center in Winter Session 2023!  

    Eben has been practicing music in many forms for over 20 years. He studied Voice for three years at Contra Costa Community College, where he sang in the chamber choir, and in Jazzology, a vocal jazz group that won the prestigious DownBeat Student Music Award multiple times. He also studied at Cal State Los Angeles with professional opera singer Robert MacNeil.

    More recently and most importantly, Eben has been a devoted Music Together parent. In his first four years as a father to Luie, they attended every session and hardly missed a class! Invigorated by the program's communal experience, and his long-held affinity for children, he sought Music Together training, and has become a registered teacher.

    Eben loves to improvise, play-act, and be silly. He believes that live music-making provides a profound learning experience for the young, and looks forward to sharing Music Together's rich curriculum with kids and caregivers of all kinds.


STP_3605  2.jpg

Eben and baby Luie in Music Together Babies class, spring 2018. They have attended every session since then through summer 2022!

"Leaves Are Falling" -a beautiful singalong song. Here's Eben teaching an outdoor class in December 2022. 

"The Crow Song" -musical conversation! Here's Eben teaching an outdoor class in December 2022. 

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