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Ginger Parish

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Ginger's life-long love of music started very early, thanks to her family!

Here she is at 2 years

old, with her ukulele.

   Ginger, a singer/songwriter, naturalist, and Music Together   teacher, is also Director of our local program. You'll find Ginger in classes playing guitar, ukulele, and mountain dulcimer, but her favorite instrument is the human voice! For over 40 years she wove her passion for music and children with her love of nature by using music in nature education classes, and for 25 years now, she has focused especially on music teaching. Starting in the 90's as a preschool music specialist, Ginger found deep enjoyment working with young children, and became interested in childhood musical development with the birth of her son in 1999.

    She opened Santa Rosa Area Music Together in October of 2000. In July 2002, Ginger was awarded Certification Level I by the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, NJ, having demonstrated outstanding achievement in teaching, musicianship, program philosophy and parent education. In August 2005, Ginger completed Orff Schulwerk Level I, and the following summer continued her Orff studies in a week-long course designed for teachers. She directed the One World Children's Ensemble, for 3rd-6th graders, from 2007-2011. She's led numerous song circles with children and adults in schools, at music festivals, and around campfires! Ginger has played in a couple bands, and can sometimes be seen singing around town with friends.

    She occasionally speaks on early childhood music development at schools, parent groups, and the SRJC Early Childhood Program. 

    Ginger's passion is to use her training and music skills to awaken a life-long love of music in young children, and to get people of all ages singing together in community! She has delighted in bringing Music Together to Sonoma County's fine families for 23 years.


   Ginger's CD of lullabies, 

"Twilight Comes Tiptoeing," has been

honored with a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award and People's Choice for Best Children's Album of 2014 from Independent Music Awards. These tunes have become favorites at naptime and bedtime!

Find out more about this recording

right here on this website.

What people say about Ginger...

"Anytime Sofia sees a guitar she gets really excited and thinks of Ginger.  You have a wonderful gift of music and sharing that with others. Thank you so much. We will be singing with you again."  

~Adrienne V, Santa Rosa

"Ginger is so upbeat, so energized and excited to make each child's experience the most it can be."

~Gina P, Santa Rosa

"There is no other program we have found that lives up to the Music Together Standard. I love what you do and the music you have brought to our lives, Ginger. You are so special as a teacher to each of my children. Please don't ever discount the impact of what you do. KEEP IT UP."

~ Amy J, Santa Rosa

"We love the way Ginger keeps the attention of the kids and parents between songs, She is so great at keeping the energy of the room captivated and moving along.

~Melissa E, Santa Rosa

"We love the songs, The drumming has been especially fun, but we love all the variety and instruments, But most of all we love coming to see you, Ginger. You make class so much fun, so engaging and sweet, you put so much energy into the class. You really make the class amazing! 

~Shifra H, Santa Rosa

"Music Together classes with the wonderfully musical Ginger Parish were a highlight of my daughters' childhoods, and the gifts of rhythm, tone, and song reward us every day of our lives."

~Paul J. (father of now young adults)

"I wanted to tell you that Finn, now 14 months old, is really astounding us with his comprehension of what we're saying. He absolutely knows who you are, and when we say "We're going to see Ginger!" or "Where's Ginger?" (if we're doing that little mini-class video- thanks for that, it's awesome!), he gets totally excited! =)

He's also finishing the last word of a song phrase, and making "cawing" sounds when we sing "One little crow said..." So much fun!

Also, I have found the Music Together music to be priceless when we're in the car and he gets fussy. He *instantly* calms down and just sits and listens for at least 10-15 minutes. I tell you, PRICELESS. =)

As always, you are loved!"

~ Lisa H, Santa Rosa

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