Join the Holiday Jingle Jam!

Join the Holiday Jingle Jam!

* NOT a Music Together offering, only offered by our teachers to the community




Ring in the Holiday Season with Ginger or Star Tom

(or . . . both of us! We are offering unlimited extra classes!)

There is much power in singing together.

People have been raising their voices together in song as long as they have had voices with which to sing.

The winter holidays have inspired many songs throughout the years, all shared to find comfort and connection when the weather is cold and the days are short.

Join us to sing some special songs of the winter holidays!

We'll sing songs that are about fun, food, togetherness, and light, and honor different winter holiday traditions.

  • This is a Mini-Session offered for 3 weeks with Ginger or Star Tom, via Zoom!

  • This is not a Music Together class, but will be structured like one.

  • Sign up for one class time, but during the session, you can schedule yourself for unlimited extra classes with either teacher!

  • All ages welcome! Mini-Session cost: $50 per family.