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Ring in the Holiday Season with Ginger or Julianne!
(or . . . both of us!)

There is beauty and power in singing together.

The winter holidays have inspired many songs throughout the years, all shared to find comfort and connection when the weather is cold and the days are short.

Join us to sing some special songs of the winter holidays!

We'll sing songs about fun, food, togetherness, and light,

and honor different winter holiday traditions.

All classes will be at our Santa Rosa Studio!
at 1515 Farmers Lane, Santa Rosa

There are two options:

Option 1:

Holiday Jingle Jam!

November 27-December 14

A three-week mini-session of holiday classes, structured like Music Together, but not actually the Music Together program.

Option 2:

Holiday Pop-Up classes!

December 19-22

Seven one-time holiday

stand-alone classes.

Sign up for one or more-

different songs will be used on different days!

  • These are not a Music Together classes, but will have a similar structure. These were created by us to share with the community

  • All participants will receive a Spotify playlist of the songs you'll be using. The 3-week session families will receive a hard copy of lyric sheets. The pop-up class families will receive printable lyric sheets by email, so everyone can continue the fun throughout the holidays.

  • All ages welcome! 

  • Tuition:

    • Mini-Session: $57 for 1st child, sibling is $25. 

    • One-time Pop-up classes: $19 for 1st child, sibling is $10. 

  • Registration is all first-come, first-served; enrollment begins on Sunday, Nov. 5 at 8:00 AM.

  • Register HERE (be sure you are on the correct tab after logging in to register)


Join the Holiday Jingle Jam!

Join the Holiday Jingle Jam!

* NOT a Music Together offering.




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