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A program for Kids ages 4 years-2nd grade!

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Rhythm Kids follows through on the Music Together   vision to help children complete the pathway of early childhood music development from birth through age 8. As part of the Rhythm Kids experience, children and their grownups can enjoy drumming play and practice sessions at home with the help of online play-along videos featuring Rhythm Kids creator Tom Foote.


Rhythm Kids is an exciting music, movement, and drumming class where children integrate and assimilate rhythm into their lives, as they:

  • Learn, create, discover and explore music, movement and drumming.

  • Enjoy age-appropriate ways to play rhythm instruments (shakers, tambourines, etc.)

  • Explore traditional drumming patterns through animal names and movements

  • Experience drumming, song and dance from around the world (Mali, Puerto Rico, Turkey, etc.)

  • Find new ways to connect mind, body, and voice through rhythm.

  • Develop skill in improvising, soloing, conducting, composition, and improvisation

  • Participate in active musical games that are both enriching and totally fun!

Classes are offered for 4-8 year-olds with parent participation strongly encouraged. Classes are offered for both beginning (level 1)

and intermediate (level 2) students in a combined, family-style setting. 

Tuition includes:

  • Weekly, 45-minute classes

  • Animal Collection Songbook and CD each semester

  • Access to online video tutorials, music reading readiness activities, and play-alongs

Rhythm Kids students will need their own drum to use in class and at home.

A djembe is preferred, but any hand drum will work, so please use what you can find.

Drum Options:

  1. When registering, you can choose a pricing option that includes a djembe drum (like the one pictured) for your child (at only $36 for the drum)!

  2. You may purchase a drum from Djembe Direct and use the code RHYTHMKIDS to receive a 5% discount. Shipping is FREE.

  3. There are drums available online in many places.

THIS SPRING, we're remaining online.

Teacher Lanie Wieland is ready to guide your 4- through 8-year-old on a magical musical journey. Join her for the Jaguar collection on Zoom!

This spring, we are combining Rhythm Kids Levels 1 and 2. When we do this, we style the lessons to cover a larger age range. This is a great alternative, and still a lot of fun and learning for both age groups!

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THE MUSIC! Rhythm Kids classes use different song collections; each one is named for an animal. This spring it's Jaguar Collection.

    The Jaguar Rhythm is adapted from the duple-meter drumming patterns of Puerto Rico’s Bomba dancing, a drum and dance interplay. We’ll get to try it out ourselves with “Bailen Niños.” We’ll drum along to the lively patterns of “Aiyko, Aiyko,” as we learn dance steps inspired by the Sikyi people of Ghana. In “Singin’ My Song,” we’ll sing and move to our own song...and everyone else’s! And, perhaps best of all, we’ll get to experience the joys of being a “Jaguar in the Jungle.”

    All 18 selections in this collection have been chosen and arranged specifically to support each student’s music development.


  • One weekly 40-minute Zoom class led by our Rhythm Kids teacher, Lanie Weiland. Rhythm Kids students may also attend additional Mixed Age Zoom classes, although there will be some different songs (and some the same).

  • Rhythm Kids families also get access to pre-recorded videos of how to play your drum, drumming patterns, musical crafts, lullabies, song covers, parent education, and more.

  • Rhythm Kids are also welcome to attend the special Zoom experiences: Family Dance Parties and Singalong Storybook/Lullaby Time.

  • A dedicated Family Portal page on our website through which to access much of the special content.

  • Printables and other downloadable family resources, including coloring pages and musical games.

  • Jaguar Collection materials (songbook, CD, download code). This spring, we will be arranging local pick up locations for the materials. We'll mail them to anyone living out of town.

  • Access to your music through both the Hello Everybody App (on a device) and the Family Music Zone (on a computer).

Note- for in-person classes, when they resume: These classes are for children 4 years old and older. Siblings can attend class together, but siblings under 4 years old are not developmentally ready for the structure of Rhythm Kids classes; therefore, except for babies seven months and younger, only children in the specified age range and their adults may attend. No previous music experience is required.